Burswood Opel

Station: 92.9 Campaign Type: Promotion|Branding Promotion Timeframe: 2 weeks Target Market: 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs, 55 – 64 yrs, 65+ yrs


With Opel being a new brand in an already highly competitive Australian car market, we needed to create a great campaign that delivered impact and cut-through. With a message that delivered on two key points: Burswood Opel is the destination to purchase Opel cars, and associate the car with its German heritage.

Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness of the new brand Opel and its German heritage.
  • Promote Burswood Opel as the destination to purchase Opel cars.

Insights and Solution

The 92.9 target audience is young, outgoing and fun, just like the Opel brand. So it was a no brainer to align the two together through an engaging promotion that maximised listener interest and participation. The team at 92.9 teamed up with Burswood Opel and created the 'Hunt for the $20,000 Opel' promotion, which gave listeners a chance to win a brand new $20,000 Opel Corsa car.

The Opel was parked somewhere in the world, and our listeners had to find out where it was, based on a series clues given out on air. The two-week promotion kicked off with hosts Lisa, Paul and Baz handing out clues, which continued through the workday with Ross. It wasn’t long before listeners had worked out that the Opel Corsa was parked in Germany. By the last morning of the promotion, the exact location of the Opel Corsa still hadn’t been solved. So Lisa, Paul and Baz stayed on air until the winner guessed the location, and scored herself a brand new car.


Burswood Opel saw a 250% increase in web traffic during the campaign. The Hunt for the $20,000 Opel was the second most visited page on the 929.com.au website during the promotional period. The 92.9 phone lines went into meltdown every day as they were inundated with calls from listeners wanting to guess the location of the Opel.

Multiple listeners even took time off work, so they could hear all the clues. The huge over-delivery of on-air credits ensured Burswood Opel had a massive presence amongst our breakfast and workday audiences. Over the course of the promotion, 92.9 delivered 319 credits, 177 more than the 142 promised.

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"Burswood Opel’s main objective through the partnership with 92.9 was to increase brand awareness of the newly arrived Opel car dealership. We felt that 92.9 had an audience that suited the Opel brand and would engage with such a fun campaign. 92.9 delivered far beyond expectations in terms of coverage and promised air time which resulted in a dramatic 250% increase in web traffic and strong overall brand awareness"
Marko Milicevic, Marketing – Burswood Opel.

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