Nepean Motor Group

Station: WSFM Sydney Campaign Type: Branding Promotion Timeframe: Ongoing since June 2009 Target Market: 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs, 55 – 64 yrs, 65+ yrs


Dealer Principal, Debbie Clark, took over a dealership that had accumulated a questionable reputation before going into receivership. As a female Dealer Principal in a male dominated industry, Debbie had both a challenge and an advantage in the marketplace. The new Nepean Motor Group, with 8 new car brands plus used cars and service, had to establish a significant point of difference – Debbie Clark’s commitment, experience and personality would drive the business.

Campaign Objectives

The initial objective was to reposition Nepean Motor Group as a totally new proposition then grow market share through consistent delivery of their core message of honesty, choice and service. Campaign results would be measured by achievement of floor traffic, web enquiry and lead generation KPI’s. Consumer recognition and recall of the core messages was also a key objective.

Insights and Solution

Having a female Dealer Principal of a multi franchise dealership in Debbie Clark, Nepean Motor Group had a ready-made point of difference and unique selling proposition. Debbie had completely revitalised the premises, staff and increased the franchise offering to 8 brands. Debbie’s management style was very hands on, meeting and greeting almost every customer in both the sales and service areas. While Dealer Principals voicing their ads was nothing new and a little risky, Debbie’s outgoing personality made her an obvious choice to voice her own campaign.

To emphasise the complete overhaul of the business, the campaign commenced a month before Debbie officially took over. Debbie’s voice was disguised and the initial schedule generated much intrigue and interest, including local press speculating as to who was the mystery voice. Once the dealership opened, Debbie’s normal voice took over highlighting her core business values of honesty, service and choice.
The campaign creative has followed much the same strategy since July 2009. In 2011 Nepean Motor Group was integrated into the Jonesy and Amanda breakfast show as a segment sponsor and Dealer Principal Debbie Clark gave away a car live on air to the ultimate winner.


Since the campaign began in 2009, Nepean Motor Group sells more than 300 cars per month. Apart from some local press, Nepean Motor Group only uses WSFM and has only ever used branding radio commercials. The continual radio campaign has achieved consistent branding over 3 years, seeing ongoing results. In April 2012, the campaign shifted to an end of financial year theme.

The premise was that Deb always liked to be first, so Nepean Motor Group wasn’t waiting until June to have an end of financial year sale. That campaign generated a 30% increase in floor traffic and web enquiries across the 8 car brands. Sales lifted significantly, most notably, Skoda which sold out of the Yeti range. Nepean Motor Group consistently exceeds manufacturer objectives and was Mitsubishi Distinguished Dealer of the Year and the number 1 Nissan Dealer in NSW in 2011.

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“I made a decision to use WSFM to launch and brand Nepean Motor Group because of a long association with my account manager and because WSFM best represented my target market. While I was unsure of the initial strategy of disguising my voice I was quickly reassured with the enormous interest it generated. Continuing the strategy of voicing my own ads was also risky but I’ve found it’s the best way to emphasise my personal involvement in every aspect of the business. Susie and the team at WSFM are great to work with and we have become friends as well as business partners. Our use of WSFM has been consistent for over 3 years and the ongoing results speak for themselves.”
Debbie Clark, Dealer Principal – Nepean Motor Group.

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