Commonwealth Bank Australia

Station: Nova 96.9, Nova 100.3, Nova 106.9, Nova 93.7 Campaign Type: Promotion Promotion Timeframe: 2-3 weeks in each market Target Market: 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs


CommBank Kaching is a revolutionary iPhone app that will change mobile payments forever. It allows you to pay your friends using your mobile, email, or Facebook contacts. You can even make contactless payments without their BSB and account number details. Pay using mobile contacts: With CommBank Kaching you can send money to your friends as easily as sending a text message. Simply find their name in your contact list or enter their mobile number and make a payment. Pay using email contact: Make a payment on the go by using your email contact or by directly entering an email address. Pay using Facebook friends: Even if you don’t know a friend’s BSB account number you can still enjoy the convenience of paying your Facebook friends.

  • Netbank is normal payments/Kaching is social payments.
  • You don’t need to be with Commonwealth Bank to receive money from a CommBank customer that uses Commbank Kaching.
  • Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane were priority markets.
  • Nova were required to build all creative, including radio ads.

Campaign Objectives

CBA want to drive downloads and uptake of this application, by communicating the benefits, ease and simplicity of using the Kaching app.

Insights and Solution

“Nova and CommBank Kaching" Nova phoned lucky registered listeners and asked a series of questions on-air for their opportunity to win upwards of $5,000 for getting all questions correct. Nova promoted that they would “Commbank Kaching” the funds to winners.

  • Branding and Promotion commercials.
  • Survey promotion between announcer and callers.
  • Online promotion.


Total number of entries in Sydney and Melbourne: 3,344.
Nova App Kaching Banner:

  • A huge 24,881,327 impressions.
  • 9,888 total clicks to App Store landing page.
  • CPC: 2.03.
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“CommBank Kaching & Nova FM promotion was a great success and demonstrates the need for Commonwealth Bank to further partner with NovaFM on upcoming CommBank Kaching initiatives”
Andrew Murrell, General Manager – Digital & Social Media, CBA.

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