Greater Building Society

Station: KO FM 102.9, Newcastle Campaign Type: Promotion Promotion Timeframe: 4 months Target Market: 10 – 17 yrs, 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs, 55 – 64 yrs, 65+ yrs


Whilst the Greater Building Society had already securred Jerry Seinfeld to promote their brand and had achieved massive increases in both brand recognition and recall, they wanted to leverage this further to maximise home loan enquiries (and thus increase home loan approvals). The Greater Building Society needed a promotion that would highlight the free holiday to Vegas that customers would receive when they took out a Getaways Home Loan. The promotion needed to ‘sell the experience of Vegas’ and engage listeners to want to be a part of.

Campaign Objectives

Increase home loan enquiries and loan approvals. Enhance the Jerry Seinfeld brand awareness and association even further by tying in the Vegas holiday and tickets to Jerry’s show offer.

Insights and Solution

“Waking up in Vegas!” The client had booked recorded commercials but wanted something more to sell the experience of Vegas to listeners. Phase 1: For a week, David and Tanya broadcast live from Vegas which was fully client funded. Phase 2: Every hour across the day, listeners tuned in to ‘collect’ the 3 slot machine symbols to go into the draw to win a trip to Vegas. Recorded ads and live reads went to air before, during and after the promotion. The opportunity to win was sold in order to overcome the target market’s resistance to make quick decisions for what is perceived to be a high risk purchase.


The campaign ran for 4 months in total; During the campaign period the Greater Building Society outperformed the banks with higher lending aggregates. The Greater’s net loan approvals in 2009/10 grew by 12.5% on the previous year. On the last day of the promotion the Greater Building Society had their biggest day in the call centre – ever! Due to the campaigns success, the client has now rolled out this promotion to other regional markets.

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"Overall, we know this sales promotion impacted significantly on our business! From the success of this, we have been able to use KO FM and this strategy as a blue print to roll out to other radio stations in regional markets"

Advertising & Media Co-ordinator, Greater Building Society.

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