Kart Mania

Station: hit107 Campaign Type: Branding Promotion Timeframe: 6 months Target Market: 10 – 17 yrs, 18 – 24 yrs


The client wanted to stress to the market that Kart Mania was an awesome thing to do and was instrumental in going with a fun campaign that would attract talk.

Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness of Kart Mania
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase visits

Insights and Solution

You would rather be go-karting!Due to cost, the client booked a discount yearly package designed for branding, however the client received immediate response similar to a call to action campaign. As a result the strong creative was felt to have been a major component to the success of the campaign.


  • Web traffic increased 40% on the year previous.
  • An 18% increase in new customers over an initial 6-8 month period.
  • Sales increased 8% over a 6 month period.
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"We attribute the success of the Kart Mania radio ads to great creative and production from Austereo in Adelaide"
Director, Kart Mania.

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