Carlton Draught

Station: Nova 96.9, Nova 100, Nova 106.9, Nova 91.9, Nova 93.7 Campaign Type: Branding Promotion Timeframe: 5 weeks Target Market: 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs, 55 – 64 yrs, 65+ yrs


Carlton Draught had been running the Plastic Cup Race in Victoria for some years and approached Nova with a brief. Carlton had specific requests to execute a national campaign across the country whilst delivering a solution to build on their success to date rather than just reinventing the wheel.

Campaign Objectives

  • Generate awareness and excitement for the 2011 Carlton Draught $100,003 Plastic Cup Race.
  • Deliver a nationally consistent idea.
  • Integrate the idea with station on air talent.

Insights and Solution

'Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Pub Tour'. Nova created a nationally consistent talent integrated campaign to build excitement and top of mind awareness for Carlton Draught and their 2011 $100,003 Plastic Cup Race. Via two on air executions, the 'Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Pub Tour' and 'Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Pub Trivia',

Nova found all 20 participants to run in the race in Melbourne at Moonee Valley! For national reach, Nova’s drive show Meshel, Tim and Marty and Fitzy and Wippa were the talent delivering the promotional executions on air and online, this gave Nova listeners more ways to win a spot in the Plastic Cup Race and become $100,003 richer all thanks to Carlton Draught. Meshel, Tim and Marty met Carlton Draught drinkers from around the country at local pubs with the 'Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Pub Tour'.

The Nova Drive team visited local pubs in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to broadcast their national Drive show live and find participants to be a part of the $100,003 Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Race. In Perth Meshel, Tim and Marty sent the Casanova’s to meet listeners and find a person to represent WA in Australia’s richest footrace. Each week during the Carlton Draught campaign, listeners were encouraged to visit the Carlton Draught dedicated page at and find out what venue they could see Meshel, Tim and Marty or the Nova Casanova’s to enter for the chance to win a spot in the Plastic Cup Race. At each event listeners received a Carlton Draught bottle top as their entry into their draw, at the end of the broadcast listener’s bottle top numbers were called out and they instantly won a trip to Melbourne for two with the prize winner receiving on a spot to run in the 2011 $100,003 Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Race at Cox Plate at Moonee Valley!

Fitzy and Wippa also gave listeners the chance to win a spot in the Carlton Draught 2011 $100,003 Plastic Cup Race. Fitzy and Wippa delivered brand awareness and excitement for Carlton Draught’s campaign by playing an iconic Aussie game, played at many house parties, Carlton Draught trivia. During the Carlton Draught campaign, listeners were encouraged to buy a 24 pack of Carlton Draught bottles or cans, register their barcode and their details on the Nova website for the chance to play Carlton Draught’s Plastic Cup Race Pub Trivia. Once a week over the five weeks, Fitzy and Wippa spoke to a registered listener and asked them a trivia question from a Carlton Draught bottle top. The listener that correctly answered the trivia question won a spot in the $100,003 Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Race. Via these national on air and online executions Nova listeners were aware of the 2011 Carlton Draught Plastic Cup Race and that Carlton Draught is the freshest and best tap beer... drink responsibly.


• Nova found all 20 participants to run in the race.
• Runners were secured for the first time across Australia versus previously only Victoria.
• The campaign banner click through rate from the Nova website of 1.56% - well above the reported average of 0.08%-0.10%.

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"The 2011 Carlton Draught Plastic Cup was one of the most successful in recent years, with a great deal of this success coming from our Nova partnership with the national drive team of Meshel, Tim & Marty. The key success to the campaign was the ability to build a national footprint for the message, with a localised call to action achieved through the OB’s in the key pubs across Australia. This ensured that for the first time in the events four year history, we managed to secure runners from across Australia vs just in our traditional heartland of Victoria"

Senior Brand Manager Carlton Draught.

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