Fonterra – Mammoth Milk

Station: Triple M, Sydney Campaign Type: Launch Promotion Timeframe: 34 weeks Target Market: 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs, 55 – 64 yrs, 65+ yrs


Fonterra launched Mammoth, a new flavoured milk into the Sydney market. Mammoth is not just any kind of flavoured milk; it gives guys sustained energy to work hard and play hard. Our objective was to launch a new footy code for the toughest of men.

Campaign Objectives

  • Drive awareness of the new Mammoth launched.
  • Position it as a ‘guys’ drink that provides sustained energy release.
  • Achieve these objectives with an innovative, memorable and engaging campaign.

Insights and Solution

'Mammoth Milk Brick Footy' Triple M Sydney launched a new footy code for the toughest of men… played with a brick! All while demonstrating how Mammoth helps Sydney blokes work overtime. Seeing as 71% of Triple M listeners love any code of ‘footy’ and with 16% of them actually playing, Triple M breakfast announcers Matty Johns, Mark Greyer and Gus Worland launched 'Mammoth Brick Footy' as the latest crazy in Sydney. Listeners were invited to take part in the game, providing training tips and deciding on rules.


  • Brand awareness went from 23% to 77% for those exposed to the Mammoth radio campaign.
  • 26% of those that listened to radio over a 4 week period had also purchased Mammoth compared with only 4% who weren’t exposed to radio.
  • 45% indicated they were considering purchasing Mammoth and 20% said they will purchase Mammoth when they next buy flavoured milk.
  • 75% of people surveyed also said they had heard the Triple M Grill team talking about Mammoth Milk.
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“The Grill Team’s unmatched passion and enthusiasm for all things footy made them the perfect Mammoth brand ambassadors – successfully building hype behind the campaign and delivering cut through of the differentiated brand message.”
Katrina Wilson, Brand Development Manager – Fonterra (Beverages).

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