Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre

Station: 99.3 B-Rock FM Campaign Type: Launch Promotion Timeframe: 3 weeks Target Market: 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs


Honda had recently released an all new lawn mower to the market. Brabham's Outdoor Power Centre in Bathurst wanted to find an interesting and exciting way of promoting what was essentially a menial task (mowing the lawn!). The owners of Brabham's Outdoor Power Centre met with B-Rock's Sales and Promotions Co-ordinator and Marketing Consultant, to discuss ideas to increase awareness of the new product and interest and interaction. 

Campaign Objectives

  • To drive traffic to the Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre Facebook page and increase likes throughout the promotion period.
  • To generate awareness of Honda Lawnmowers and Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre.

Insights and Solution

Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre and B-Rock decided that a hashtag driven promotion would be best, as this would allow them to track the results of the campaign. The hashtag #Hondalovin was used and the theme was "Hun Da Outfit is Outrageous", with entrants required to dress up in their most outrageous outfit and be photographed mowing their lawn. Entrant simply had to like Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre's Facebook page, have their photo entry shared and receive the most likes in order to win.

Entries were monitored by B-Rock, who ensured that there were no inappropriate entries. Entries were forwarded to Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre for upload to their Facebook page and were also shared on B-Rock's Facebook page. Three finalists were chosen each week over a three week period, with the nine finalists all in the running to win the $599 Honda lawn mower.

Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre received continuous mentions on B-Rock's morning show and throughout the day, during the course of the three week promotion. Photographs of people wearing super hero and monster outfits were entered, making for an entertaining review process.


  • Throughout the promotion period, the amount of page 'likes' on Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre's Facebook page increased from 48 to 159 and page activity (visits, shares and photo likes) went from below 100 to over 17,000 during the promotion.
  • General feedback from 99.3 B-Rock FM listeners and Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre customers was extremely positive. The promotion increased interaction between the client and their potential customers, with daily enquires into Honda lawnmowers.
  • Listeners were calling 99.3 B-Rock FM to find out more information about the promotion. One listener was also spotted on the streets of Bathurst pushing a lawnmower in their outrageous outfit (after being named a finalist) which created additional publicity for the promotion and client.


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"It is the first time that something like this has been done in our area. It inspired our belief in radio supported by social media. You could say we were extremely happy with the results this promotion provided to our business. We definitely will be looking to run something similar again this year."
Julie & Paul Brabham, Owners, Brabham’s Outdoor Power Centre

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