B-Rock's 'Geek to God'

Station: B-Rock Campaign Type: Promotion Promotion Timeframe: 4 weeks Target Market: 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs


B-Rock wanted to provide a fresh and compelling reason for clients to advertise during the quiet winter period within the Bathurst market; to encourage new clients to advertise on their station and to existing clients to extend their radio campaigns.

Campaign Objectives

  • Generate additional revenue for Bathurst Broadcasters

  • Provide local clients with additional exposure of their business, and products or services offered.

  • Demonstrate Bathurst Broadcasters’ ability to utilize multimedia avenues as support for radio content.

Insights and Solution

Through a combination of on-air interviews and content, social media and website support, and YouTube vlogs, clients were exposed to a new form of radio advertising and promotion. The thought of being part of a new type of promotion to Bathurst, as well as the opportunity to be cheeky and playful in turning a geek into a god, enticed clients to jump on board. This promotion also added value to a spot schedule for regular clients looking to advance their advertising methods. "Geek to God" provided businesses with an opportunity to advertise their products and services on a variety of platforms. 


  • "Geek to God" generated $8,000 in additional revenue for Bathurst Broadcasters over the four week promotional period

  • A number of non-contract clients continued to advertise on radio as a result. One client who was an inconsistent advertiser took out a four month spot schedule contract, as well as sponsorship of a 3 month competition totalling $3,250.

  • "Geek to God" promotional material reached over 15,000 people on social media during the campaign period, and generated great on air content loved by on-air talent and listeners.

  • Interaction from listeners was heighted during the "Geek to God" promotion with B-Rock listeners enquiring about Dom’s progress and anticipating the next vlog or on-air interview.

  • The professional and exceptional execution of Geek to God led Bathurst Broadcasters to employ a promotions coordinator to continue creating both sales and station promotions to a high standard.



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“This multimedia promotion has opened new doors for Bathurst Broadcasters, clients and listeners, with many involved clients extending their contracts past the promotional period.”

Phil Cole, General Manager, Bathurst Broadcasters

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